Solar Panel Manufacturing Cell

Inventek was chosen by a major Northern California manufacturer as a systems integrator to provide a fully automated solution for Solar Panel assembly. The 2000 sq ft cell includes six Fanuc Robots, over 1000 I/O points, two vision systems, device net and ethernet comminucations, and numerous custom end effectors.



Each of the robots handles multiple duties and materials. Everything from picking and placing sheeted materials to reflow soldering of bus bar connections. A Bosch T-Solar conveyor provides for the transport of the large pallets on which the final panel assembly is built.



Edge tape for sealing the product is applied around the perimeter of the panel by a custom designed tape head. Coordination of the material flow and synchronization of the robot operations is accomplished through a sophisticated user interface using an OMRON PLC and Color Touch Screen.


End of Arm Tooling (3 meters x 1 meter) mounted on a large Fanuc robot with a 120 kg payload.

Here is a YouTube video of this fully automated manufacturing cell.